25.01.2019 – Publication

Nathan and collaborators from Exeter, Oxford and Münster published on Advanced Functional Materials their work on “Tunable Volatility of Ge2Sb2Te5 in Integrated Photonics” (link).

21.12.2018 – Publication

Xuan and others (from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and Münster) published on Optica their work titled “Fast and reliable storage using a 5  bit, nonvolatile photonic memory cell “(link).

A nice post has been also published on the University of Oxford Science Blog (link).

09.08.2018 – Publication

Zengguang and others (from the Universities of Oxford, Münster and Exeter) published their last work, “Device‐Level Photonic Memories and Logic Applications Using Phase‐Change Materials”, on Advanced Materials (link).

01.08.2018 – Publication

Carlos and other collaborators from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and Münster published an invited article on Optical Materials Express, “Controlled switching of phase-change materials by evanescent-field coupling in integrated photonics”(link).

31.07.2018 – Publication

Fun-Comp collaborator (Alfredo De Rossi, Thales) published an article on Optics Express, ” Fully embedded photonic crystal cavity with Q=0.6 million fabricated within a full-process CMOS multiproject wafer” (link).