09/05/2019 – Publication

Researchers take a step towards light-based brain-like computing

Congratulations to Johannes, Nathan, David, Harish and Wolfram, for their publication in Nature of the development of a brain-like optical computing chip.

A press release is available at this link, and the article can be found at this page.

There is also a nice “Nature News and Views” article highlighting the achievements of the paper at this page.

18.03.2019 – 1st Cross disciplinary training session

Many thanks to Dr. Abu Sebastian and Dr. Simon Stringer!

During the 1st of our programmed cross-disciplinary training session, they delivered two extremely interesting talks.

Dr. Sebastian is Principal Research Staff Member at IBM Zurich, particularly focused on neuromorphic and in-memory computing research. He explored the fundamentals and applications of phase-change memory devices.

Dr. Stringer leads the Oxford Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, based within the Department of Experimental Psychology. He provided a picture of the modelling techniques in brain science, in particular tackling the “binding problem” embedded in spiking neural network.

20.02.2019 – Publication

Andrew Katumba and Peter Bienstman form Imec published their most recent work on Journal of Lightwave Technology, “A Neuromorphic Silicon Photonics Nonlinear Equalizer for Optical Communications with Intensity Modulation and Direct Detection” (link)

15.02.2019 – Publication

Carlos, Nathan, and collaborators from IBM and the Universities of Exeter, Oxford, Münster publihsed their most recent work on Science Advances, titled “In-memory computing on a photonic platform” (link). Abu and Harish also wrote a post on IBM Research Blog (link).

Check Nathan’s video below

25.01.2019 – Publication

Nathan and collaborators from Exeter, Oxford and Münster published on Advanced Functional Materials their work on “Tunable Volatility of Ge2Sb2Te5 in Integrated Photonics” (link).

21.12.2018 – Publication

Xuan and others (from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and Münster) published on Optica their work titled “Fast and reliable storage using a 5  bit, nonvolatile photonic memory cell “(link).

A nice post has been also published on the University of Oxford Science Blog (link).