Conversations in Oxford – Future of Photonics in Computing, Oxford – 22 Aug 2019

This event saw the participation of many of the Fun-COMP collaborators. It served as a platform for an informal discussion on the “Photonics and Computing” topic, among academics, researchers and students, which revealed to be extremely valuable. Within this, a much appreciated contribution is due to Prof. Paul Prucnal (University of Princeton, USA), whose research laid the foundations of the neural photonic network development.

Cross-Disciplinary training session, Oxford University, Oxford – 18 Mar 2019

Coincidentally with the 13th Month Progress Meeting, a cross-disciplinary seminary has been hold.
Dr. Abu Sebastian and Dr. Simon Stringer delivered two interesting talks, revolving around the exploitation of phase-change materials for neuromorphic computing (Abu), and on the mathematical modelling and simulation approaches of biological neural systems (Simon).
The respective presentation files can be found at this link.

Project Kick-Off Meeting, London – 11 Apr 2018

This was held at the headquarters of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London on April 11th 2018 (postponed from its original date of March 2nd, when London was virtually cut-off by unseasonable snow falls!).